Dominique and Slade

Date Added: September 16, 2011
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Dominique and I have been talking about doing a hardcore scene for awhile and everytime the subject came up she told me she wanted Slade’s ass. Well this week I got a call from Slade that he was going to be in town for a week so I set it up. Once we were all in the studio I just pointed the camera and hit the red button. I let nature run its course and the result is an awesome scene that shows all aspects of Dominiques sexuality. As soon as Slade pulled his cock out Dominique had her lips wrapped around it and she sucked him with more enthusiasm then I have ever seen. She honestly worked up a sweat just sucking his cock. Then she rolled him over and lubed up his ass as she put a condom onto her monster cock. He begged her to be gentle (at least at first) and she just smiled at the camera and told him not to worry that she would get it all in and he would love it. He definitely was on the ragged edge of the pain / pleasure line for awhile but his huge cum shot tells me that the pleasure won over the pain. Enjoy!


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Size 268.9Mb
Cost: 8 Tokens

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Size: 203Mb
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